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Why donate to Renewal when there are so many worthy causes?   No one but you can answer that question.  If you identify with our ministry and have been helped by it, we welcome you as a partner. 

Our current focus is on maintaining and expanding the scope of Renewal Radio on the airwaves.  Equally significant is the recent publishing of the landmark, first and only multimedia study Bible, Life Essentials Study Bible, by the host of Renewal Radio, Dr. Gene Getz.  Since its publication by well-known publisher, Holman Bible Publishers, doors have begun to open that give us hope of publishing it in many other languages.  But we are only able to proceed to the extent that translators can be hired to accomplish that monumental task.  Our continued growth in radio and publishing requires money…and we are confident that God will provide through people just like you.

Finally, the parent organization of Renewal Radio, the Center for Church Renewal, operates on a small budget with a handful of full time employees and several volunteers.  You might be surprised to know that Dr. Getz also volunteers his time to the organization.  We are not a large and cumbersome bureaucracy.  We are a small, lean, dynamic organization.  

Will you partner with us?  Just enter any amount in the Selection window…and please keep listening.
We know you will be blessed!

If you would rather mail a check please send it to:
Renewal Radio
241 Legacy Dr
Plano TX, 75023

Or you may call us at 1-800-736-3925 ( 800-RENEWAL)

To donate online please follow these 3 simple steps:

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